Developed and revised to reflect the latest discoveries in early childhood education, our Curriculum covers all aspects of child development. These include physical, social, and emotional development; language & literacy; mathematics & science; and creative arts. These areas cover the most essential skills that children need in order to be fully prepared for the future.

Our curriculum approach is based on international early education models and research as the American curriculum Highscope and the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) from UK. We propose a constructivist approach.

International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)

We are the first and only kindergarten in Morocco to receive training and certification from the Field Education organization and we officially belong to the IEYC school network.

The IEYC uses international best practices, holistic enquiry and play-based approaches that cover all curriculum areas including personal, social and emotional development. Informed by new research, and feedback from schools around the world, the IEYC was developed to meet the needs of children at this crucial stage of their development.


We are the first and only highscope kindergarten in Morocco to receive international training and certification from the Highscope Institute.

The HighScope Educational Research Foundation was established in 1970 in Ypsilanti, Michigan by Doctor David Weikart. HighScope uses the term active learning to describe our philosophy. In the early childhood years, learning is not simply a process of adults giving children directions or information to memorize. The HighScope Curriculum, used around the world, is based on decades of research demonstrating positive outcomes for all children when they are actively engaged in the process of thinking and building their own understanding.

highscope partner

Children take part of an exciting and stimulating journey of learning, through hands-on activities and play. At we learn by doing!

Our activities are designed to encourage children to dive into play rather than waiting for directions. Teachers plan for a range of developmental abilities and strive to provide varying levels of challenge to meet children’s individual needs.