Our classrooms are divided according to the age of the kids.

Toddlers: 18months – 3 years old

Movers, Shakers and Players!

Everyone knows the phrase “Terrible Twos,” but the amount of development that takes place between one and three years of age can better be described as terribly exciting! Toddlers acquire an amazing number of skills between ages 1 to 3. At this age, children begin to show an increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play.

At we support toddlers’ emotional, physical and cognitive development by providing routines and rituals that are consistent, comfortable, and attuned to individuals’ needs and interests. We include various activities such as arts and crafts, circle times, music and movement, exploratory areas and plenty of opportunity for free play both indoors and outside.

Preschooler: 3 years old – 4 years old

Independence !

Our familiar routines,consistent rules,and challenging activities boost preschool children’s confidence in their own abilities while helping them make sense of their world and establish a sense of control.

Each day,we balance quiet and activities as well as individual and group work.Projects allow children to revisit and build on new ideas, as well as develop a big picture view as they learn concepts within context.

Preschoolers have boundless energy,and our programs encourage them to move,groove, build, and work their bodies on our playgrounds and in our gym.

Pre-K: 4 years old – 5 years old

Experimenters, Players and Questioners !

At this age children deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each others.

The most important skills and attitudes children develop at this stage is enthusiasm for learning, the ability to function as a member of a team or group, the ability to follow directions, and basic self-care. Our programs encourage these skills with everything we do.

There is more early literacy work, as well as more challenging activities during small group time.