The activities will vary from group to group based on interest and developmental levels. However, there are certain activities that you are likely to see in our center:

  • Children go outside every day, weather permitting.
  • Children listen to stories every day.
  • Children sing and listen to music every day.
  • Children participate in the “work” aspects of group life: planning, setting up, and cleaning up activities; recycling.
  • Children care for living things: plants, gardens, and animals, as is developmentally appropriate.


Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children. Children develop new skills and learn about science and nature.


The use of paint, clay play dough, water, finger paints, and provide children with the opportunity for experimentation and self-expression rather than a finished product. Blocks of all sizes offer physical and social activity according to individual development.

Language, Literature

Children practice using language for social communication and to develop the art of listening. Story time stimulates an interest in literature through stories, books, flannel board stories, and puppets.

Cognitive and Conceptual

Children join in activities and games to aid in learning color, letter, and number skills as well as conceptual activities including comparative concepts, shapes, measurement, position or location, contrasting conditions, and body parts.

Physical, Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Children are given many opportunities to use motor skills. Children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.


Music is experienced by children in a wide variety of ways that tie into the other parts of the curriculum: listening to songs, creating sounds with rhythm instruments, singing songs, dancing, and creative movement.

Field Trips

Field trips are planned to enhance the classroom activities. Some of the teachers’ and student’s favorite trips of the school year are the visit to the farm, the theater, the forest, the zoo etc…

School Events

At we celebrate local events as well as events from other countries. Classes anticipate and plan for occasions such as The Aid Elkebir, The Aid Essaghir, Aid Almawlid but also Pyjama day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays to gain understanding of holidays and cultures.